EXCLUSIVE: DJ Lord Nearly Beats Prince Dovlo Up At Live FM Because Dovlo Tried To Swindle Him

Video director, Prince Dovlo has now been tagged as a “confident trickster” for swindling artists who wants to work with him. However this time around he did not have it easy with DJ Lord at Live Fm.

A source disclosed to TheManInYourMirror.Com that Prince Dovlo was supposed to shoot a music video for DJ Lord but after receiving some payment, he decided to play hide and seek with DJ Lord.

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DJ Lord released his first single titled Sokolala which featured Kojo Cue and Feli Nuna in December, 2016. The song made waves and it became a lot of people’s favorite including Prince Dovlo.

The source added that due to the love Prince Dovlo has for the song, he called DJ Lord that he wants to shoot the video for the song. Dovlo indicated that he has already developed a concept for the video and even added the cost that will be involved.    

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Dj Lord at the time did not have the exact amount so Prince Dovlo told him they can even start with part payment. DJ Lord had no choice than to pay heed to Dovlo’s proposal. .

Prince Dovlo after receiving the money decided to go ghost by shunning DJ Lord. He was ignoring DJ Lord’s calls and that made DJ Lord furious.

The source added that even before DJ Lord gave Dovlo the money, Dovlo was pressuring DJ Lord for them to start shooting the video not knowing he had his own intentions.

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Dovlo unfortunately got himself at Live FM, however DJ Lord was on air the time he got there. DJ Lord upon getting a hint Dovlo was around confronted Dovlo and demanded for his money.

Dovlo told DJ Lord that he did not have money on him at the moment but he (Dovlo) will definitely give him the money the next day. Furious DJ Lord placed a deaf ear to Dovlo’s plea and he even tried beating Dovlo.

DJ Lord held Dovlo hostage for minutes until someone intervened and settled the issue between the two.

TheManInYourMirror.Com will bring you update on this development.

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