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Dissertation/Research Work is  a requirement in most of the tertiary institutions in Ghana. This simply means that all final year students are obliged to embark on research in diverse areas. Anyone who does not take part in the dissertation will not graduate.

Data analysis is key in research work because it aids in revealing the findings of the study. It transforms data to information for easy comprehension so conclusions can be drawn likewise making recommendations.

Students who are also in their third year are also expected to write a report regarding their industrial attachment. This is also compulsory in some tertiary institutions. 


Research work is more of a process than an event because it takes time to unearth information regarding the area of study. Research work consists of creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge on a particular area/topic.

Data analysis plays a role in research because it brings meaning to the data collected. It is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, drawing conclusions and making recommendations that will be used for decision making.

Many a times, people who work on a project or conduct a research are expected to write a report on their activities and more.

Why You Should Seek My Assistance

I have gained in depth knowledge both theoretical and practical in the aforementioned areas. I have been assisting students/people for the past three years and still counting. I shared with them the fundamental cardinal elements of research, data analysis and reports.

This however heightened their knowledge in this areas. I normally take my time to explain things to the students so they will know the right topic to choose, how to proceed and more.  Most of the students I have assisted had an A and the least has been a B+.

This shows I am doing very well and those who I have assisted can attest to this therefore grab this opportunity so you can come out with a good grade in your dissertation and report.

Interested persons should reach me via

Mobile: 0504550410/027658602


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