TMIYM FACT: Nana Appiah Mensah’s Clarification Failed To Touch On Other Substantive Issues And Here They Are

In Ghana, you make loose statement small norrr instead of criticisms you face a barrage of unnecessary insults, vituperation etc. Furthermore, we are always in a haste to climb the ladder of criticisms and that has become a burgeoning problem.

Most known personalities paid their tribute to our dear sister Ebony however Nana Appiah Mensah’s tribute created hefty controversies due to two indispensable expressions, “bail out” and “I want to be free”.

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Social media commentators did not spare him, as usual they did their “usual”. No one is beyond criticisms but instead of criticizing, you decide to hurl insults and that is more like a low blow. 

Nana Appiah Mensah who decided to clarify his “tribute” tweet on his own radio station, Zylofon  FM did very well. He spoke at length because he wanted bring everything to bear unfortunately he left out other substantive issues, perhaps the issues that angered industry players, music lovers and sympathizers.

He touched on the let’s pay critical attention to our female artists, on the timing, assertions which suggested he was insensitive and many others.

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First and foremost, he failed to tell us his meaning of “Bail Out”. It would have been appropriate if he clearly stated what he meant by bail out. There are words, phrases, clauses that are polysemic and bail out falls in that category. Even before his interview today, people had gone to look for the meaning of bail out.

Definitions of Bail Out

To leave a project, situation, or relationship, especially when it becomes difficult. 

To jump out of an aircraft with a parachute because the aircraft is going to have an accident.

To give money to a court when someone is allowed to stay out of prison while they wait for their trial.

 To abandon a harmful or difficult situation.

To help (a person, organization, etc) out of a predicament.

NAM 1 would have done himself good by bring to bear what he meant by bail out. 

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Again he failed to touch on the “I want to be free” bit and that was one of the substantive issues industry players, music lovers and other stakeholders were interested in.

The “I want to be free” suggest that Ebony was kind of tied to a bondage and this paints Bullet, manager of Ebony black in the eyes of right thinking members of the society. It makes it look like Ebony was a caged bird and we wanted a clarification on that.

Sammy Baah Flex could have done better with his questions by probing Nana Appiah Mensah but hey drilling your boss will look weird innit? I personally think if another presenter gets him on another platform, we will get to know other details but for the interview with Sammy Baah Flex, we already envisioned this, normal challey.

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