Trilla Writes: Neymar’s Move To PSG: Money Influence, Ballon D’or Ambition Or Both? Still Heartbroken As A Barca Fan.

I am writing this piece with a half smiled face, broken heart, and an indescribable soul because I am a strong Barcelona fan. Reason being that I never envisioned that Neymar will be leaving Camp Nou this soon and am not sure other Barca fans had a premonition about it until some few days ago. Personally, I am gutted by the move and it is still in my mind like songs on replay.

Many a times, I pen down my opinions on issues because I am opinionated and also share how I feel when issues pop up. If you are deep like the Atlantic Ocean, you will feel my sadness in the writing. I am not in a state of exasperation, may be some Barca fans are.

I had a conversation with one of my friends called Fiifi when we heard about Neymar’s possible move to PSG. He asserted that Neymar’s willingness to move was solely money and he made an elucidation on that but I thought otherwise. The conversation we had is a contributing factor to this write up. For me I strongly believe Neymar’s move to PSG was influenced by both money and Ballon D’or ambition.

Money Influence

Footballers move to different clubs based on diverse reasons, wanting more playing time, trophies, increasing their bank account and more. One of Neymar’s move to PSG was the money involved and on that score, I side with my friend.

We all pursue our careers to make money, am yet to meet anyone who do not want to make money from what he/she does for a living. Seeing your bank account grow is a good feeling, trust me. Candidly if I were in Neymar’s shoes I will definitely move from Barca because of the money I am going to be paid.

Neymar wants to be on the same pedestal as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo therefore I would have been surprised if he rejected the offer by PSG. Money Talks huh!!! Money has the loudest voice. He was bought for £222M and he will be paid £515,000 per week, who the hell will reject that? Damn not me, may be you, lol!!!

Now he is the world’s most expensive footballer and undoubtedly he is worth it. He has superseded Paul Pogba whom many thought a player of his calibre did not deserve to be in that position. Congratulations to Neymar.

Ballon D’Or Ambition

It is every player’s dream to win trophies, awards and be ranked the best in the world. Unfortunately Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have “shattad” them for the past 8years. The rest have been in the shadows of these two players even though some of them have been tremendous.

I strongly believe that Neymar’s move was also influenced by his ambition to win the Ballon D’or. Let me reiterate that he wants to be on the same pedestal as Messi and Ronaldo. There has been this ideology or theory (anyhow you see it) that so far as Neymar continues to play with Messi it will be very difficult for him to win a Ballon D’or since all the shine is on Messi. I don’t know the proponents who propounded this theory or ideology, but I embrace it.

Messi, Suarez and Neymar played as a collective unit but the main focus was always on Messi. The highlight falls on Neymar when Messi is injured or having a bad game. (You remember the 2nd leg between Barca and PSG in this year’s Champions League). How many times does Messi have a bad day? He has been Barca’s power house since the 80s (In Psycho’s voice) [on a lighter note].

Therefore in order for him to become number one in the world he needs to move to a different club and exhibit the same form. I remember Mourinho also shared the same view likewise Neymar’s father.

Reason Why I Am Heartbroken

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Ronaldinho is my all-time favourite because he changed the phase of football with his tremendous skills and more. My other favourites are Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Ronaldo (people will be surprised), Griezman and more. Neymar is extremely talented and I used to watch him when he was playing for Santos FC. No wonder Barca went in for him to play alongside the best, Messi.

I remember Ghana had a friendly match with Brazil in 2011, Ronaldinho and Neymar tortured our players challey, eno be easy. Neymar has been good and even getting better by the day. The bondage that existed among Messi, Suarez and Neymar was very strong and they related very well. They are the only trio to score above 100 goals in three consecutive seasons, 2014 to 2017.

Neymar’s move is synonymous to losing a loved one, you know the feeling when a guy/lady leaves you hanging. That is how I am feeling now, not a good feeling at all. But hey he has to move on to become number one. Congratulations to him and I wish him all the best.

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