TRILLA Writes: Why The Sacking Of The Headmaster In The S*x Video, Robert Sepey Doesn’t Make Sense To A Sane Person

This is a “well thought through” article therefore it will make sense to people who are on the same pedestal as “ayaman”. As a result, get yourself a PREYMAN Sobolo, cross your legs and let me chauffeur you to my destination, definitely not a Sh*thole.

One fine morning, we woke up to news regarding a certain headmaster who had s*x with a 16 year old girl (a pupil of the headmaster’s school) and even recorded the nice moment. Well I can’t tell which online site broke the news but I witnessed the news was all over. Even bloggers who did not have the video at the time did a reportage on it. Some as usual moved on tangent by copying and pasting without acknowledging the source, typical of some lazy Ghanaian bloggers.

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What we can deduce from this is, online journalism tarnishes or places a dent on a person’s reputation when the reportage is wrong. Again, when an esteemed online portal publishes a story, the others do not sometimes verify whether the story is true or not. They pick the story from the portal and then they also publish it. The “small blogs/bloggers”, where I fall for the time being also follow suit. By the time you realize, the news is all over.

The above is one of the problems associated with online journalism in Ghana. Few days ago, I read two articles written by some Ghanaians regarding online journalism in Ghana. Their assertions were very deleterious and incendiary and one even stated that the future on online journalism in Ghana is very shaky. In both articles, they clearly stated the problems of online journalism in Ghana. Upon a careful scrutiny, I came to a conclusion that they were right so I was not even livid. “The truth they say hurts challey”.

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When the news of the headmaster, Robert Sepey and the girl, Priscilla Tettey came to light, Ghanaians as usual did not spare them. Hurling of venomous insults left and right (typical of Ghanaians) only for us to ascertain that the girl is 20 years old and not 16 years as it was earlier reported.

It is always good when the waters are cleared and I was excited the GES investigated the issue and came up with the right report other than that the headmaster would have still been on the run on the back of defilement (perception of some Ghanaians). The GES straightened the curves by indicating that the Priscilla is 20 years old. GES added that Priscilla is in SHS and not J.H.S as it was earlier reported. This automatically means Priscilla is not a student of Breman Adamanu D/A Basic School where Robert Sepey was the head. Was in the sense that he has been relieved of his duty and now the administration of the school is in the bosom hands of the circuit supervisor. Furthermore, reports also indicate that the Priscilla’s parents are aware of her relationship with Robert Sepey.

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Now why the headmaster was sacked still baffles me likewise other right thinking members of the society. The report regarding his sacking was infinitesimal. On what grounds was he sacked? Some tangible questions have to be asked.

  • Was he sacked because he slept with the 20 year old girl?
  • Was he sacked because he recorded his s*xual bout with the 20 year old girl?
  • Was he sacked because they invented a new s*x style?
  • Was he sacked because the 20 year old was a past student of the school?
  • Was he sacked because he was on the run after the leakage of the video?
  • Does having s*x with a 20 year old girl go contrary to the code of conduct of GES?

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If these questions are left unanswered, the sacking obviously will not make sense to any sane person like me. The report regarding the headmaster’s sacking added that a two member committee has been established to probe the matter whiles he faces the disciplinary committee for appropriate sanctions.

Kw33 Opana go make hot by now in the sense that the sacking sef be the least of the punishments/sanctions.

Appropriate sanctions are on the ship are coming so he has to brace himself for them.

From a commonsensical point of view, honestly I don’t see why he should be sacked after it has been established that the girl was not a student of the school the time they had the sexual bout. Priscilla’s parent are aware of the relationship, they recorded themselves having s*x in order to watch it later and not to leak it.

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I was having a conversation with a friend and he said the headmaster is stupid for recording their sexual bout. “He was like” he doesn’t know why people record themselves whiles having s*x. My answers were: 1) sometimes the partners want to see their actions and laugh over it 2) They probably will want to use it as a turn on for round 2.

He added that he will never do that and I also said I will not do that due to the consequences attached to it. However the guys who secretly record their sexual bout with girls are inherently stupid. In the case of Robert and Priscilla, they were both aware of their actions.

We have heard that at the tertiary level, some lecturers have been “nyoming” the girls (students) because the girls want better grades and other reasons. In this case, the two are in a relationship having their private “distin” and you are saying you have sacked him.

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Again it has not been established that Robert is a married man. People might want to bring in the age difference bit and say it is not right for a man of his age (not known but perceived to be old) to have an affair with a 20 year old. Well I might side with them but for now we don’t even know his age.

To conclude, GES should do us the honour by elucidating what went into the sacking of the headmaster and then after some analysis we can agree or  disagree with the verdict. But for now the sacking does not make sense to me and my “saners”.

By the way, the two sh*tty teams at the moment, Chelsea and Real Madrid lost their matches so they are not moving on to the next stage.

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